New Media and Literature, 2007
Professor Jen Boyle, Hollins University

Nonlinear Autobiography

Hi all,

Here is my abstract for the final project. (I hope it is what you had in mind Jen.)

Non-linear story telling has emerged as a field in order to tell a story in a more interactive and more innovative manner. I chose to take this idea further by using a non-linear approach to autobiography. The idea of retelling a story and the inevitable changes that occur will be incorporated into this work. The reader/viewer will be presented with one picture and a piece of text. This picture and text will be personal and reflective of the relationship I hold with the picture. The relationship between me and the picture will be small insight into my own personal story however it will also allow the reader/viewer to re-experience her own stories. The text will include a number of hypertextual links that will enable her to move through the work in a unique manner. It is my aim to allow her to miss some of the pages as well as happen upon a few unique pages to ensure a unique experience. The extension of non-linear story telling will create both personal and shared experiences for the reader/viewers and will demonstrate the power of this medium.

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