New Media and Literature, 2007
Professor Jen Boyle, Hollins University

Opening claim examples from last assignment

Reminder: class is cancelled on WED, 10/10

Some examples of sentences and opening claims in the last assignment

“…He doesn’t rely heavily on [the assertion of authority]. The most important aspect of his letter is to encourage the reader to really think about what is going on and logically make a conclusion for him or herself.”

    This is a lead in to a more focused treatment of logos. Notice how the writer moves toward a more specific element of the piece to further define logos.

“The piece requires the audience to consider and simulate the thought patterns of the narrator as they make their way through the work; likewise the language chosen in the creation of the piece hints at the subtext. Just like its nature as an interface, the piece itself demands interactivity in the reader.”

    This is an example of a full opening thesis claim. In this instance, the author not only creates a framing context (simulation of thought patterns and language), but also goes on to re-state the claim in different terms (demanding interactivity) so as to further specify their particular focus.

In every case, we could always revise and refine. What might you expand on or alter a bit in the interest of clarity and purpose in the above examples?

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